A few FAQ's

What areas do you cover?

Geo Harmony audits in the Perth area and local surrounds do not attract any travel charges. Audits can be arranged for any location outside of this space with the addition of a travel cost.

Can you perform distance audits?



What will I notice after the audit?






Yes, a remote or distance audit can be done however as cures are made on site, much of the recommendations will be based or relocation of beds, sitting areas etc to avoid the stressed area. Working with clients outside of the Perth area this can often be a more viable option


The extend to which people feel change after an order depends on a number of aspects.

  • The type and severity of the stress cleared
  • The amount of above ground energy that is cleared
  • Any health effects that the occupants had been suffering
  • Occupants susceptibility to feel subtle energies


  • Improved sleep, especially night tremors, bed wetting and restlessness
  • A new lightness to the house, dull rooms feel lighter and happier
  • an increase in energy especially renewed positive energy for the occupants
  • change in animal behaviour, animals often appear a lot calmer
  • reduced feeling of imflamation
  • increase in immune system response especially a decrease in inflamation


What if my house isn't affected by geopathic stress?

I have yet to come across a site that is not affected in parts from geopathic stress. While some are worse than others there are also a number of other influences that unbalance energy that can be corrected. Blessing and vibrational lifting will increase the harmony of any site.

How long will the balancing last?

Generally speaking once the cures have been put in place they will not need to be redone. Disturbances such as earthworks, new infrastructure, or a devastating event may require the site to be rebalanced. The effects of clearing above ground energies will lastlot longer if the occupants adhere to the routine of regularly clearing lower energies, however above ground clearings can be booked (and advised if their are teenagers in the house) at a minimal cost. 

will I need to move my furniture?

Depending on the stress itself recommendations may include the moving of certain furniture. While all efforts are taken to remedy the stress there are times when the best advice is avoidance.