While there are many triggers than encourage and feed cancer there are strong links suggesting that geopathic stress plays a large role.

No stress Greater success is a project to help those on their road to recovery by covering the cost of a geopathic audit, ensuring that the areas that they spend time are conducive to helping the immune system.

If geopathic stress effects the body when sleeping it is believed to alter the amount of melatonin produced which plays a role in preventing cancerous cells (cell mutation) from occurring during the process of mitosis. 

Dr. A., a naturopathic physician, has this to say:
“The cancer patient needs to relocate - FAST! As early as the 1930s, world-famous German surgeon Professor Dr. med. Ferdinand Sauerbruch told all his cancer patients NEVER to return to their habitual sleeping place. For centuries it has been known that certain houses have a much higher incidence of cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other degenerative diseases. Only in the 1970s was a satisfactory answer found; these diseases are due to geopathogenic zones, which usually are caused by a conversion of gravity field energy from radioactive radiation, electromagnetic phenomena in the neighborhood of subterranean streams or even high power lines or color TVs. Many times, a good dowser can locate these anomalies and appropriate measures can be taken to correct the situation".

Each Month Deanne donates a day to help balance the energies in homes of those who need it most. For information on how to get on this list please email deanne@geoharmony.org

Please see the links below containing a number of studies that demonstrates links between geopathic stress and illness.






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