Personal energy alignment

Using a combination of energy balancing modalities including Intuitive healing, Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, bush flower remedies and pendulum work.  A personal energy alignment takes an hour twenty and includes balancing and aligning all major chakras, clearing any negative thoughts or lower energies from the energetic field, removing blockages and reconnecting the client to the best life path for them at that time. Additional work is done on clearing past trauma and childhood emotional patterns no longer serving the client if needed. All clients receive a short report and list of activities to keep the body less congested and more light. Each session is followed up by a distant healing sent 10-14 days after the session.

During the session people often experience physical sensations such as heat, tingling, digestive movement, drawing and pushing feelings and occasionally headache or light pressure. Emotionally clients tend to journey through thoughts or experiences that have been quite hidden within the psyche. As undigested emotions and experiences surface clients can feel emotions ranging from sadness to euphoria. At the end of a sessions the aura is traced and checked that it is well balanced. Clients leave well rested with a feeling of lightness, clarity and emotional stability.

Sessions cost $85 or $60 as an add on for a geobiology audit.