Animals and Earth Energies

Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to sleep in certain areas despite you spending $80 on that new super comfy pillow? Why the neighbours cat insists on sleeping in the middle of your driveway or why horses like to follow the same tracks over and over again as if they have forgotten they have an entire paddock to use or they have read some secret "stay off the garden sign"?

Much of our animal behaviour can be put down to their relationship to earth energies and Geopathic stress. Geopathic stress (GS) refers to disturbances in the earth's natural resonance, generally caused by things such as geological faults, quarries, underwater streams, caves pipelines, earthworks and other natural or man made physical occurrences.

The Earth has a natural resonance, known as the Schumann resonance which is around 7.83 Hz (similar to that of our brain waves), however when the electromagnetic field becomes distorted it can have a devastating effect on the ability for a person, animal or plants ability to thrive above it. Most commonly we see it's effect on our behaviour, energy levels, sleep, immune system and inflammation and is well documented to be linked to cancer. (I will go into further detail on the relationship between cancer and GS in up coming blogs.)

So back to geopathic stress and animals.................

The observation of herds and crops and what this means in terms of the land has gone on for centuries. In all ancient civilisations animal behaviour was watched to determine the fertility of the land. If few animals spent time in that area it was often termed sick country and was deemed uninhabitable. Early farmers even went as far as to carefully place standing stones and stone circles, a practice that we refer to today as “geomancy” to eliminate stress from their land. In more recent times a flock of sheep or heard of cows would be driven onto the planned site. If they settled and seemed happy and didn't try to move away from where they had been placed the house would be built, if not they would try another site. Who said sheep where stupid??

Unlike wild or free to roam animals our domestic animals are often unable to escape GS. So what happens when we pen, stable or place an animal in an area of GS? If you have ever worked in a pet shop this may shed light on why that mother was replacing her son's pet goldfish.............weekly.

I was first made aware of the relationship between horses and GS on my own property. I couldn't believe the accuracy between the edges of the fault lines and the track marks my horses made. I could almost map out GS in my back yard by following the lines they had made through the scrub. If you have horses and are quite sensitive try standing barefoot either side of their track marks, close your eyes and just see how the difference in energy makes you feel.

Many animals (especially fish and the poor aforementioned goldfish) are sensitive to the presence or absence of GS in their environment. As a geomancer I get to see many places and witness first hand the relationship between GS and animal health and behaviour. Birds will generally avoid nesting in geopathically stressed locations, and horses, cows, sheep and pigs fail to thrive and are often bothered with colic, mastitis and fertility problems when restrained in a geopathically stressed stall or stable. AS GS can weaken the immune system one of the biggest ailments we see are tumours (often a result of sleeping above GS) and autoimmune disorders.

Throughout my life I have always found horses and dogs to be particularly sensitive to subtle energies which is why they love healing modalities like reiki and are so receptive to vibrational medicines like homeopathy or bushflower essences, but the truth is that most animals are very sensitive to these energy fields, far more than us mere earthlings. You may have noticed their sensitivity to above ground energies - have you ever watched the behaviour of a dog entering a room where someone has previously had an argument or their ability to find you when you are feeling down and need a cuddle or cheer me up?

Dogs, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and fish are the most sensitive of animals and will often become sick if forced to sleep above GS. Truth is just about every animal (with the exception of cats and owls) will display behavioural problems or illness if they are forced to spend long periods of time above negative energies and the illnesses and behaviours displayed will directly relate to the type of stress and frequency, polarity and intensity present. While some can cause aggressive behaviour others can completely drain energy and cause fatigue. On the plus side there are many areas where a positive resonance can increase healing time. 

In animals that suffer from chronic or frequent health issues that do not respond well to treatment geopathic stress could be an issue.
— American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

A whispered word to my fellow cat lovers. Cats have a very twisted sense of enjoyment and just like that person who likes to watch the news on three different channels followed by an episode of doomsday preppers, they thrive on negative energy. Cats have an unusual ability to convert negative energy to positive. So if you are noticing that half of the neighbourhood's cats are hanging out at your home you just might have a problem.

So what should you look for? Well most GS lines are between 1-3 metres wide, look for termites, ants, bees, wasps, owls, millipedes, snakes, spiders, slugs and snails. Plants such as oak trees, Elder, Ivy, deadly nightshade. fungi, nettle, cacti and ferns will thrive in areas of GS. You may also notice that you have bare patches in your lawn, twisted trees, cankers (cancer like knots in tree trunks) stunted growth, gaps in hedges or infertile fruit trees to name a few. You will often see cracks in paving or walls and the are could possibly feel cold and damp. The best way to tell is to have a geomantic audit of the site which will map out and cure both lines on your site and those that run through your home and the home of your fur babies.

So next time you are out on a ride and your horse begins to seem unsettled, your dog tries to slink into the background when you send it to the laundry, your chickens stop laying or your unsure why cats have ambushed your front garden like drunken teenagers at a house party, stop and take a second to consider if it's a result from the energy of the land.