10 minutes with the beautiful Anita Katherine of Spirited Space

Anita is a conscious living Energy Worker, the creator of Spirited Space, an Intuitive, Women's Circle and Meditation Facilitator, certified Reiki Practioner and Flower Therapy Healer; and the Perth Circle Facilitator for the global community TRIBE de MAMA.
Anita shares her practices through her one on one Energy Alignment Healing Sessions; and holding Women's New and Full Moon Circles.

Having attended Anita's circles I am in awe at her ability to encourage people to face their own blocked and undigested energies. Her natural talent to hold a space, that allows women to safely unload and lighten energetically has touched the lives of many, allowing people to take greater responsibility for their own energy and empower them to work with the universe and manifest their dreams. When we bring lighter energy into a space, we create a space that is open to greater opportunity. Enjoy x

The light stuff

In one sentence describe the energy of your childhood home?
A continual pendulum swinging from dark to light, cold to warm, yin to yang - as an Empath child, that was extremely draining.

What does the word sanctuary mean to you?
A peaceful and quiet space where you can be with yourself and Mother Nature, to tap into your inner self.

Describe the last place you went to that made your heart sing?
Green, green and more green - New Zealand's North Island! I've never felt so connected to a place. It's where I felt the most in sync with Mother Earth.

As a fellow ocean dweller could you ever see yourself living away from the ocean?
I never say never! But probably not for long. I need my Vitamin Sea and Negative Ion hit pretty regularly - especially doing Energy Work so often. She clears me and grounds me again. 

The heavy stuff

So much above ground stress or noxious energy is created by people who are innocently unaware of what emotional baggage they are carrying around with them. What would you recommend people do to connect with or get a better understanding of what they have hidden away?
I believe that every person has a wonderful, innate and intuitive healing ability and I also believe that it's important to heal holistically - to include the mind, body, soul and emotional energies.

I don't think it's important that people focus on what they have hidden away. When clients come to me for an Energy Alignment, they often can't explain why they're feeling the way they are - they just know something is out of balance or weighing them down. I believe during these sessions, there is a higher intelligence working on the client's behalf. It doesn't need the analytical explanation of what should be healed and released.

But if someone were to start their own journey of releasing their stagnant energies, I would recommend time spent in Nature and anything that allows you to engage in the creative process. This gets you working with the right side of the brain - the Intuitive, healing and nurturing Feminine side. Creativity is a portal, where the expression of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies can run free! Get into that space and release - without labeling anything!

You are renowned for the incredible women's circles that you hold, can you tell me how they came about, why they are so powerful and the importance of aligning with the moon.

Thank you for your kind words Dee :) I've always immersed myself in, and practiced, ancient crafts and rituals. And once upon a time I kept it pretty quiet! I just always felt that what I was guided to do, was something I had done before. (And I believe that's why women are drawn to gather in this way - it's a familiarity within them too!)

I personally felt, during particularly challenging times in my life, that synchronising with Mother Nature allowed me to become aligned with her balancing cycles and healing rhythms. And the more I became in sync with Her and Her Sister Moon, the better I felt!

Always being guided to work by holding the space for others to heal, I decided to share my own Moon Rituals with other like minded women - so that they could join in and take from it what they needed.
I believe the Circles are powerful in unison, and individually. When every person in the group collectively unifies, it adds strength to each person's healing, but also has the ability to affect the collective consciousness and surrounding environment by emanating powerful positive vibrations. Energy is so impactful when it’s magnified in a group and I have great belief in the energetic and spiritual power of like-minded groups gathering!

The elements I bring to these Circles come from what I’m guided to add – and are original in that sense. But I always centre the theme and activities of our Circles around the current phase of the Moon, as well as the Astrological sign it falls in. When tied in with the Moon’s energy, these gatherings are unquestionably amplified!

As us women align, cleanse and manifest with the moon what should our men be doing to lighten their emotional load?
Although the Circles are for women, I work with both men and women when offering my Energy Alignment Services. Again, I think it's important for both men and women to balance all of their energetic bodies - mind, body, soul and emotions. But what should men be doing to connect with their nurturing side, to heal? Reconnect with Nature any chance you get - she is the Mother of all Healers! Go for a swim in the Ocean, walk barefoot on the earth, stand in the rain, watch the sun rise and set, breathe in some fresh air! And release anything that is not serving you.

Describe your role in life
I'm a multifaceted woman, but I've often been labelled as a Facilitator or an Initiator. That never used to sit well with me, but I'm OK with it now. I'm not afraid to get the ball rolling. I like to kickstart things - thoughts, ideas, movements, projects. But once there's momentum, I won't do the hard work for anybody! That's an inside job.

How can people get in touch with you, follow your work or join a circle
Work with me - http://www.spiritedspace.org/energy-healing/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/spiritedspace/Join a Circle - http://www.spiritedspace.org Get in touch - anitakbyrne@gmail.com

and finally what is your favourite word and crystal at the moment?

Favourite word at the moment - Herstory (History)

Favourite Crystal at the moment - My healing Serpentine (Imperial Jade) Egg

Deanne Hislop xx