Why are teens getting harder to live with?

What's with all this negative energy and more importantly can I have a holiday house to escape to when my children reach this crazy age??

Todays teens are highly aware, emotionally charged beings with large energy fields (and big hearts), so it is no surprise that they are incredibly right brained and super sensitive to feelings. The continual exposure to negativity, and in particular negative body image messages and violence through social media and interaction, amplified by the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and processed foods, often leave most in a struggle to simply maintain energy balance and vibrancy let alone supply them with the energy to live life to the max and manifest their dreams, and in a world where it is perfectly acceptable to follow your bliss we really want them energetically aligned to do so.

While moody teens are nothing new, there is no disputing the increase in anxiety and fear and it's concerning the amount of negative energy that they are capable of imprinting on to a space. So what is going on and why is living with teens harder now than ever before?

As today's youth become more and more sensitive to emotional energy its becomes more and more important for them to learn how to protect themselves and cope with their sensitivity - think redhead and The Sahara!

Having large energetic fields means that not only are they continually absorbing other peoples negative emotions but they are being energetically drained at the same time.

Now we all have one of those friends (and if you don't it's because you already removed them from your life) that likes to just bring you and everyone around them down - you know, the one that has the most horrific birth story, the mother in law from hell, continually sick child, out of work husband - that has just run off with her best friend and to top it all off she has just found out that her Uncles, best friend has cancer. For the purpose of this post we are going to call this friend Julia.

Now imagine that Julia has just moved next door!! This is what it is like to be a teen today, their world often looks and sounds a lot like Julia. Problem is that once they've got this energy they've absorbed from all of their many interactions, it kind of has to go somewhere, manifesting itself in many forms often as anxiety, aggression, self hate, anger and other low vibrational emotions.

So what does this have to do with house clearing and aligning? Well.........while there are a number of above ground energies that anyone in the house can create, such as Negative Psychic Impressions I 'm going to explain what I see as the most prevalent stress created by our beloved teenagers - MPLs.  Mobile Personal Lines or MPLs are imprinted lines of individualised consciousness or emotional energy, where emotional energy has fragmented or released in a reoccurring pattern over the same passage or pathway. They often follow linear pathways through a house and have a lunar and solar node. While we can get both positive and negative MPL's I am only concerned with the negative as they are detrimental to our health.  An example of this kind of imprint would be the resonance of depression and possibly self hate from the bathroom mirror to the fridge where an occupant has stood in front of the mirror not liking what they see and releases part of that emotion as they walk to a place to reset, ie the fridge. As these lines build up not only does it lower the energy of the house but it encourages the behaviour to occur without the conscious mind knowing it and we suddenly fall into a pattern of negative thinking.

This kind of fragmented consciousness and the residue left from the astral body (and our teenagers) can influence the subtle energies of the occupants that reside in the house disrupting their physical and emotional bodies. Constantly moving over areas of negative energy is akin to continually hearing bad news and has a very suppressive effect on the immune system. When I show occupants where the lines lay in their homes while confessing to their patterning most are unaware of their repetative emotional patterns. Determining where these lines exist and understanding these patterns can help encourage the creating of new patterns through high vibration imprinting and space clearing and allow for a space that is more supporting both mentally and physically..

So what do weneed to do to prevent our teens from creating a house full of disharmonious energies akin to the drama of the Summer Bay diner and allow them to have better control over their energetic field? Think back to our aforementioned friendwho is now living next door, what would you do? You can't just avoid her all the time and tip-toe through life, excessive drinking is not the answer and lets face it you'd have to do something probably worth being arrested for to get her to move.........and so we embrace her and learn to work with it. Now Im not saying we should put up with her, or our teenagers carry on, but here is what I am suggesting:

(as all beings are so spectacularly individual please adapt to your personal needs and circumstance. These suggestions are designed to encourage discussion and create awareness of better behaviours that you could role model.)

1. Set up boundaries - enough is enough, you are not a sounding board and access to your energy twenty four seven is only going to leave you drained and low.  Just as you limit Julia to a 30 minute coffee once a month - turn your social media off  more often. Encouraging times where there is no electrical devices such as a morning walk, meal times and before bed is a great way to start. a good exercise is to get them to keep a diary of all the things they missed in an hour of switching off and then get them to decide if what they missed was really that important.  Letting those around you know that you are feeling a little low and need to keep conversation light and fun can be a great way to set conversation boundaries with friends and family.

2. Be sure to cleanse yourself after exposure - and no not with wine but white sage if you don't know how there is a tonne of information on the net and just reremember to set the intention for what you are clearing. Regular Reiki and energy clearing modalities will help shift unwanted energy and realign your chakras. Mediation or women's circles can be a great way to help release emotions in a safe space. You will also find that most teenagers will be quite happy to have a candlelit bath with some nice salts which can be great for clearing unwanted energy.

3. Protect yourself - whether with intention or imagery or crystals your energy is not there to be abused. Again there is so much information available that I suggest you find one that resonates with you. It is also important to protect your energy from those that you live with - especially your teenager as they will be trying to top theirs up with yours!

4. Top your energy up with mediation, doing things you love or taking time in nature. Spending time around people that share a similar and lifting energy will leave you a lot less drained. Try swap that drama filled movie for something that is going to make you giggle. Exercise is a perfect way to bring your energy up!

5. Pull back when enough is enough - if you are finding that things are hanging in your head to long its time to pull back and disconnect for a bit. The more you practice this the earlier you will begin to be aware that you need to take time. Instead of waiting until we fall ill or down from sheer exhaustion you will be able to recognise that its time to take an hour out for yourself and reset.

6. Love love love - just because Julia cant get her shit together does not mean that you should not be treating yourself as the goddess that you are. Raise your vibration, shine your light and whatch your glow light up those around you. I love Kim Morrisons body boost rituals but there are plenty of self love rituals available and some body love affirmations on your bathroom mirror are a great place to start!   

Switch off, Step back, Reset

And remember YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY YOU BRING INTO A SPACE. I can not stress this enough, especially when you are living in a shared space. Taking the time discuss coping mechanisms, boundary setting and ways to top up your energy, role modelling self love and self acceptance and encouraging an awareness of behavioural patterns will benefit everyone in the house. Imprinting happy emotions, blessing, laughter, playing music and uplifting rituals will help bring the energy of any house up. Creating a sanctuary that your teen can come home to and escape the drama of their world is vital. Oh and if you are having one of those days or Julia has popped in unannounced to inform you that her plumbing is down and she will need to use your facilities for the next week be sure to open the windows, set the intention and smudge the house!

Please note smudging does not take the place of a geomantic alignment and earth acupuncture which is always recommended first especially is any members of the house suffer from sleep disturbance of any kind.

For further information go to www.geo-harmony.org

Much Love

Deanne xx