Earth day - Powerful message from a 6 year old.

As we move into our 46th year of celebrating Earth day I celebrate it with a new eyes and renewed hope. I'm not sure why Earth day has always stirred such mixed emotions, I guess for me, as a geomancer and Earth acupuncturist I think everyday should be Earth day and despite my joy at seeing the Earth get recognition and nurture in the form of planting trees and other great initiatives on a global scale, it saddens me to think that for the other 360 plus days the vast majority of us only take from this life giving beauty that is the Earth. 

So where does my renewed hope come from? It comes from the beautiful soul of a child, my intensely connected 6 year old boy.

Last week my 6 year old boy brought me to tears with the sheer beauty and innocence of his words. I'm not even sure if it was the innocence of his words or the power of his message that made me feel as though we had overlooked such vital teachings in the parenting of our children. A message that, should we choose to teach it to our children and continue to instil it as they grow will hopefully allow for less take and more give in our relationship with sacred Earth.

 Last week while relaxing in our back garden, my little man, snuggled on my lap simply listening  to the birds and enjoy each others uninterrupted company leaned over and rubbed my belly and giggled. I looked down at my not so flat stomach, laughed and reminded him that he used to live in there. His response - "and now I live in mother natures belly, that's why the earth is round" he said so matter of factly . His response instantly melted my heart............. His words stayed with me as I looked up at him in admiration of his connection to the Earth. In mother natures belly. A concept so beautiful and yet simple, and it made me think.  Our connection with that of our mothers is like no other, as after all they are what gives us life and keeps us alive as does the earth and its elements. Our connection to our mother is that of love and respect and as we grow older we want to protect them as they protected us.

As we journey through life we may become less reliant on our physical mothers but we never lose our reliance on the Earth, Gaia, Papa, Tierra, Avanik. So why do we lose the beautiful connection we are born with. A connection that can offer such beauty, insight and security. As children we spend time fascinated by what we find in nature, sticks, trees, lizards, flowers, rainbows, the sound of leaves in the wind and of course the undeniable fun we experience when we are allowed to jump in muddy puddles or climb a tree. As adults when faced with adversity or serious illness many of us seek comfort in mother nature, turning to a force much greater than our own as we once sought comfort in our own mother as children, when we were upset or injured. This tapping in to mother nature is often something we lose the ability to do until we have no where else to go yet she has always been there, always heard our cries and shared our joyous moments.

So this year I encourage parents, grandparents and children to take time to reconnect to the energy of the Earth, lay on the grass safe in the knowledge that mother nature is offering up everything that you need to have this physical experience we call life. Feel the wind as your breath, the water as blood flowing through your veins , the fire that is your digestive system and the earth itself that is your muscle and bones and give thanks. Understand that without this life force there would be no you, no each other and no tomorrow.

And so as we teach this concept of living in Mother natures belly we instil a responsibility into every person and every child to treat this mother of ours with the love and respect as we would our own.  The passion that my children share to treat the Earth with the respect it deserves is the passion that is required to end the devastation that occurs when we choose profit over anything else.  

So today in celebration of earth day find a place in nature and reconnect with your earth Mother and feel her beautiful warm hug of love. Plant trees, sign petitions and stand up for the rights of your beautiful, irreplaceable mother.

Much love