10 minutes with the beautiful Anita Katherine of Spirited Space

Anita is a conscious living Energy Worker, the creator of Spirited Space, an Intuitive, Women's Circle and Meditation Facilitator, certified Reiki Practioner and Flower Therapy Healer; and the Perth Circle Facilitator for the global community TRIBE de MAMA.
Anita shares her practices through her one on one Energy Alignment Healing Sessions; and holding Women's New and Full Moon Circles.

Having attended Anita's circles I am in awe at her ability to encourage people to face their own blocked and undigested energies. Her natural talent to hold a space, that allows women to safely unload and lighten energetically has touched the lives of many, allowing people to take greater responsibility for their own energy and empower them to work with the universe and manifest their dreams. When we bring lighter energy into a space, we create a space that is open to greater opportunity. Enjoy x

The light stuff

In one sentence describe the energy of your childhood home?
A continual pendulum swinging from dark to light, cold to warm, yin to yang - as an Empath child, that was extremely draining.

What does the word sanctuary mean to you?
A peaceful and quiet space where you can be with yourself and Mother Nature, to tap into your inner self.

Describe the last place you went to that made your heart sing?
Green, green and more green - New Zealand's North Island! I've never felt so connected to a place. It's where I felt the most in sync with Mother Earth.

As a fellow ocean dweller could you ever see yourself living away from the ocean?
I never say never! But probably not for long. I need my Vitamin Sea and Negative Ion hit pretty regularly - especially doing Energy Work so often. She clears me and grounds me again. 

The heavy stuff

So much above ground stress or noxious energy is created by people who are innocently unaware of what emotional baggage they are carrying around with them. What would you recommend people do to connect with or get a better understanding of what they have hidden away?
I believe that every person has a wonderful, innate and intuitive healing ability and I also believe that it's important to heal holistically - to include the mind, body, soul and emotional energies.

I don't think it's important that people focus on what they have hidden away. When clients come to me for an Energy Alignment, they often can't explain why they're feeling the way they are - they just know something is out of balance or weighing them down. I believe during these sessions, there is a higher intelligence working on the client's behalf. It doesn't need the analytical explanation of what should be healed and released.

But if someone were to start their own journey of releasing their stagnant energies, I would recommend time spent in Nature and anything that allows you to engage in the creative process. This gets you working with the right side of the brain - the Intuitive, healing and nurturing Feminine side. Creativity is a portal, where the expression of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies can run free! Get into that space and release - without labeling anything!

You are renowned for the incredible women's circles that you hold, can you tell me how they came about, why they are so powerful and the importance of aligning with the moon.

Thank you for your kind words Dee :) I've always immersed myself in, and practiced, ancient crafts and rituals. And once upon a time I kept it pretty quiet! I just always felt that what I was guided to do, was something I had done before. (And I believe that's why women are drawn to gather in this way - it's a familiarity within them too!)

I personally felt, during particularly challenging times in my life, that synchronising with Mother Nature allowed me to become aligned with her balancing cycles and healing rhythms. And the more I became in sync with Her and Her Sister Moon, the better I felt!

Always being guided to work by holding the space for others to heal, I decided to share my own Moon Rituals with other like minded women - so that they could join in and take from it what they needed.
I believe the Circles are powerful in unison, and individually. When every person in the group collectively unifies, it adds strength to each person's healing, but also has the ability to affect the collective consciousness and surrounding environment by emanating powerful positive vibrations. Energy is so impactful when it’s magnified in a group and I have great belief in the energetic and spiritual power of like-minded groups gathering!

The elements I bring to these Circles come from what I’m guided to add – and are original in that sense. But I always centre the theme and activities of our Circles around the current phase of the Moon, as well as the Astrological sign it falls in. When tied in with the Moon’s energy, these gatherings are unquestionably amplified!

As us women align, cleanse and manifest with the moon what should our men be doing to lighten their emotional load?
Although the Circles are for women, I work with both men and women when offering my Energy Alignment Services. Again, I think it's important for both men and women to balance all of their energetic bodies - mind, body, soul and emotions. But what should men be doing to connect with their nurturing side, to heal? Reconnect with Nature any chance you get - she is the Mother of all Healers! Go for a swim in the Ocean, walk barefoot on the earth, stand in the rain, watch the sun rise and set, breathe in some fresh air! And release anything that is not serving you.

Describe your role in life
I'm a multifaceted woman, but I've often been labelled as a Facilitator or an Initiator. That never used to sit well with me, but I'm OK with it now. I'm not afraid to get the ball rolling. I like to kickstart things - thoughts, ideas, movements, projects. But once there's momentum, I won't do the hard work for anybody! That's an inside job.

How can people get in touch with you, follow your work or join a circle
Work with me - http://www.spiritedspace.org/energy-healing/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/spiritedspace/Join a Circle - http://www.spiritedspace.org Get in touch - anitakbyrne@gmail.com

and finally what is your favourite word and crystal at the moment?

Favourite word at the moment - Herstory (History)

Favourite Crystal at the moment - My healing Serpentine (Imperial Jade) Egg

Deanne Hislop xx

Why are teens getting harder to live with?

What's with all this negative energy and more importantly can I have a holiday house to escape to when my children reach this crazy age??

Todays teens are highly aware, emotionally charged beings with large energy fields (and big hearts), so it is no surprise that they are incredibly right brained and super sensitive to feelings. The continual exposure to negativity, and in particular negative body image messages and violence through social media and interaction, amplified by the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and processed foods, often leave most in a struggle to simply maintain energy balance and vibrancy let alone supply them with the energy to live life to the max and manifest their dreams, and in a world where it is perfectly acceptable to follow your bliss we really want them energetically aligned to do so.

While moody teens are nothing new, there is no disputing the increase in anxiety and fear and it's concerning the amount of negative energy that they are capable of imprinting on to a space. So what is going on and why is living with teens harder now than ever before?

As today's youth become more and more sensitive to emotional energy its becomes more and more important for them to learn how to protect themselves and cope with their sensitivity - think redhead and The Sahara!

Having large energetic fields means that not only are they continually absorbing other peoples negative emotions but they are being energetically drained at the same time.

Now we all have one of those friends (and if you don't it's because you already removed them from your life) that likes to just bring you and everyone around them down - you know, the one that has the most horrific birth story, the mother in law from hell, continually sick child, out of work husband - that has just run off with her best friend and to top it all off she has just found out that her Uncles, best friend has cancer. For the purpose of this post we are going to call this friend Julia.

Now imagine that Julia has just moved next door!! This is what it is like to be a teen today, their world often looks and sounds a lot like Julia. Problem is that once they've got this energy they've absorbed from all of their many interactions, it kind of has to go somewhere, manifesting itself in many forms often as anxiety, aggression, self hate, anger and other low vibrational emotions.

So what does this have to do with house clearing and aligning? Well.........while there are a number of above ground energies that anyone in the house can create, such as Negative Psychic Impressions I 'm going to explain what I see as the most prevalent stress created by our beloved teenagers - MPLs.  Mobile Personal Lines or MPLs are imprinted lines of individualised consciousness or emotional energy, where emotional energy has fragmented or released in a reoccurring pattern over the same passage or pathway. They often follow linear pathways through a house and have a lunar and solar node. While we can get both positive and negative MPL's I am only concerned with the negative as they are detrimental to our health.  An example of this kind of imprint would be the resonance of depression and possibly self hate from the bathroom mirror to the fridge where an occupant has stood in front of the mirror not liking what they see and releases part of that emotion as they walk to a place to reset, ie the fridge. As these lines build up not only does it lower the energy of the house but it encourages the behaviour to occur without the conscious mind knowing it and we suddenly fall into a pattern of negative thinking.

This kind of fragmented consciousness and the residue left from the astral body (and our teenagers) can influence the subtle energies of the occupants that reside in the house disrupting their physical and emotional bodies. Constantly moving over areas of negative energy is akin to continually hearing bad news and has a very suppressive effect on the immune system. When I show occupants where the lines lay in their homes while confessing to their patterning most are unaware of their repetative emotional patterns. Determining where these lines exist and understanding these patterns can help encourage the creating of new patterns through high vibration imprinting and space clearing and allow for a space that is more supporting both mentally and physically..

So what do weneed to do to prevent our teens from creating a house full of disharmonious energies akin to the drama of the Summer Bay diner and allow them to have better control over their energetic field? Think back to our aforementioned friendwho is now living next door, what would you do? You can't just avoid her all the time and tip-toe through life, excessive drinking is not the answer and lets face it you'd have to do something probably worth being arrested for to get her to move.........and so we embrace her and learn to work with it. Now Im not saying we should put up with her, or our teenagers carry on, but here is what I am suggesting:

(as all beings are so spectacularly individual please adapt to your personal needs and circumstance. These suggestions are designed to encourage discussion and create awareness of better behaviours that you could role model.)

1. Set up boundaries - enough is enough, you are not a sounding board and access to your energy twenty four seven is only going to leave you drained and low.  Just as you limit Julia to a 30 minute coffee once a month - turn your social media off  more often. Encouraging times where there is no electrical devices such as a morning walk, meal times and before bed is a great way to start. a good exercise is to get them to keep a diary of all the things they missed in an hour of switching off and then get them to decide if what they missed was really that important.  Letting those around you know that you are feeling a little low and need to keep conversation light and fun can be a great way to set conversation boundaries with friends and family.

2. Be sure to cleanse yourself after exposure - and no not with wine but white sage if you don't know how there is a tonne of information on the net and just reremember to set the intention for what you are clearing. Regular Reiki and energy clearing modalities will help shift unwanted energy and realign your chakras. Mediation or women's circles can be a great way to help release emotions in a safe space. You will also find that most teenagers will be quite happy to have a candlelit bath with some nice salts which can be great for clearing unwanted energy.

3. Protect yourself - whether with intention or imagery or crystals your energy is not there to be abused. Again there is so much information available that I suggest you find one that resonates with you. It is also important to protect your energy from those that you live with - especially your teenager as they will be trying to top theirs up with yours!

4. Top your energy up with mediation, doing things you love or taking time in nature. Spending time around people that share a similar and lifting energy will leave you a lot less drained. Try swap that drama filled movie for something that is going to make you giggle. Exercise is a perfect way to bring your energy up!

5. Pull back when enough is enough - if you are finding that things are hanging in your head to long its time to pull back and disconnect for a bit. The more you practice this the earlier you will begin to be aware that you need to take time. Instead of waiting until we fall ill or down from sheer exhaustion you will be able to recognise that its time to take an hour out for yourself and reset.

6. Love love love - just because Julia cant get her shit together does not mean that you should not be treating yourself as the goddess that you are. Raise your vibration, shine your light and whatch your glow light up those around you. I love Kim Morrisons body boost rituals but there are plenty of self love rituals available and some body love affirmations on your bathroom mirror are a great place to start!   

Switch off, Step back, Reset

And remember YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY YOU BRING INTO A SPACE. I can not stress this enough, especially when you are living in a shared space. Taking the time discuss coping mechanisms, boundary setting and ways to top up your energy, role modelling self love and self acceptance and encouraging an awareness of behavioural patterns will benefit everyone in the house. Imprinting happy emotions, blessing, laughter, playing music and uplifting rituals will help bring the energy of any house up. Creating a sanctuary that your teen can come home to and escape the drama of their world is vital. Oh and if you are having one of those days or Julia has popped in unannounced to inform you that her plumbing is down and she will need to use your facilities for the next week be sure to open the windows, set the intention and smudge the house!

Please note smudging does not take the place of a geomantic alignment and earth acupuncture which is always recommended first especially is any members of the house suffer from sleep disturbance of any kind.

For further information go to www.geo-harmony.org

Much Love

Deanne xx

Earth day - Powerful message from a 6 year old.

As we move into our 46th year of celebrating Earth day I celebrate it with a new eyes and renewed hope. I'm not sure why Earth day has always stirred such mixed emotions, I guess for me, as a geomancer and Earth acupuncturist I think everyday should be Earth day and despite my joy at seeing the Earth get recognition and nurture in the form of planting trees and other great initiatives on a global scale, it saddens me to think that for the other 360 plus days the vast majority of us only take from this life giving beauty that is the Earth. 

So where does my renewed hope come from? It comes from the beautiful soul of a child, my intensely connected 6 year old boy.

Last week my 6 year old boy brought me to tears with the sheer beauty and innocence of his words. I'm not even sure if it was the innocence of his words or the power of his message that made me feel as though we had overlooked such vital teachings in the parenting of our children. A message that, should we choose to teach it to our children and continue to instil it as they grow will hopefully allow for less take and more give in our relationship with sacred Earth.

 Last week while relaxing in our back garden, my little man, snuggled on my lap simply listening  to the birds and enjoy each others uninterrupted company leaned over and rubbed my belly and giggled. I looked down at my not so flat stomach, laughed and reminded him that he used to live in there. His response - "and now I live in mother natures belly, that's why the earth is round" he said so matter of factly . His response instantly melted my heart............. His words stayed with me as I looked up at him in admiration of his connection to the Earth. In mother natures belly. A concept so beautiful and yet simple, and it made me think.  Our connection with that of our mothers is like no other, as after all they are what gives us life and keeps us alive as does the earth and its elements. Our connection to our mother is that of love and respect and as we grow older we want to protect them as they protected us.

As we journey through life we may become less reliant on our physical mothers but we never lose our reliance on the Earth, Gaia, Papa, Tierra, Avanik. So why do we lose the beautiful connection we are born with. A connection that can offer such beauty, insight and security. As children we spend time fascinated by what we find in nature, sticks, trees, lizards, flowers, rainbows, the sound of leaves in the wind and of course the undeniable fun we experience when we are allowed to jump in muddy puddles or climb a tree. As adults when faced with adversity or serious illness many of us seek comfort in mother nature, turning to a force much greater than our own as we once sought comfort in our own mother as children, when we were upset or injured. This tapping in to mother nature is often something we lose the ability to do until we have no where else to go yet she has always been there, always heard our cries and shared our joyous moments.

So this year I encourage parents, grandparents and children to take time to reconnect to the energy of the Earth, lay on the grass safe in the knowledge that mother nature is offering up everything that you need to have this physical experience we call life. Feel the wind as your breath, the water as blood flowing through your veins , the fire that is your digestive system and the earth itself that is your muscle and bones and give thanks. Understand that without this life force there would be no you, no each other and no tomorrow.

And so as we teach this concept of living in Mother natures belly we instil a responsibility into every person and every child to treat this mother of ours with the love and respect as we would our own.  The passion that my children share to treat the Earth with the respect it deserves is the passion that is required to end the devastation that occurs when we choose profit over anything else.  

So today in celebration of earth day find a place in nature and reconnect with your earth Mother and feel her beautiful warm hug of love. Plant trees, sign petitions and stand up for the rights of your beautiful, irreplaceable mother.

Much love


Animals and Earth Energies

Animals and Earth Energies

Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to sleep in certain areas despite you spending $80 on that new super comfy pillow? Why the neighbours cat insists on sleeping in the middle of your driveway or why horses like to follow the same tracks over and over again as if they have forgotten they have an entire paddock to use or they have read some secret "stay off the garden sign"?


Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Kritchanut/iStock / Getty Images

Well it is finally here! My first blog on my new website - it's all very exciting. Geo Harmony has been in the works for quite a period of time and it brings me so much joy to be able to share with you the incredible world of geobiology through the eyes of me, Deanne Hislop - a connected (at times a little kooky) geomancer with a passion to bringing harmony, love and light into the homes and life spaces of those around me.

Over the coming months we will be exploring together the realms or Earth energies and their effects (many medically proven) on the human body, animals and plant life. I will be sharing with you tips on how to increase the vibration of your home and how to determine if your home is suffering from geopathic stress or unbalanced earth energies.  Most importantly I will be sharing ways that you can create a space that will allow you to feel connected, healthy and vibrant. A place where you can manifest your dreams.

So join me for this beautiful, information filled journey into the world of energy.

Much love

Deanne xxxx