We are electrical beings. Our body and especially our brain waves resonate to a similar frequency as the earth.


Geopathic stress and certain areas above the ground can cause energetic weakening of the immune and other bodily systems. The development of various diseases, sleep and behavioural disorders along with difficulties in interpersonal relationships and interaction with partners and work performance can often be linked to geopathic stress. Of the most concern are the many studies that link sleeping or spending long periods of time above negative earth energies and their link to cancer.

As we disconnect from traditional ways of life we lose out natural instinct to determine areas that are good and not so good for us to spend time in. While this instinct has remained among animals, we tend to ignore our gut feeling and instead base where we live on convenience and finances. Often we locate our beds in the most aesthetically pleasing position despite having restless sleep. Many of us have areas of our homes or business that we choose not to spend time in or feel uncomfortable in but cant pick why.

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle we often feel as though our immune system is compromised for no reason at all. Traditionally we would avoid areas that contained or radiated unhealthy energies from past battles or geopathic stress, places often termed "sick country".

Geo Harmony balances the energies in your home, work or site allowing you to enjoy the entirety of your home creating a sanctuary that is not only healthy to live in but your own place of harmony to grow, enjoy and most importantly manifest your dreams.




Find out how a geomantic audit can improve your immune system, sleep, the way you think and feel and health of your home.

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Ready to take the next step? A geomantic audit can improve work productivity, business relations and reduce the number of sick days taken.

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