Commercial Harmony audits Staring at $499

  • Balancing of Geopathic stress - (4-5hrs)

  • Clearing and balancing of above ground energies

  • 4 Corner Blessing

  • Full discussion on maintaining good energy flow and clearing of lower energies

  • Walk through to discuss possible layout changes for increase productivity

  • Optional report

Most of us know what it is like to work or study in an environment that is un-motivating, I have heard many people state then when they arrive at work they can feel the tension, or that the boardroom always feels cold and is a place that no one wants to spend time in or that they get so much more work done at home or in a different office. A geobiology audit is a great way to change the atmosphere of your workplace or shop increasing productivity, sales and ensuring the health of your workforce.

There are many symptoms that can be attributed to working in geopathically stressed buildings;

  • high staff turnover
  • low motivation and/or morale
  • headaches
  • tension
  • arguing
  • difficulty concentrating
  • high rate of absenteeism
  • areas where customers and/or staff feel uncomfortable or avoid
  • property subject to frequent attacks or vandals or theives
  • unexplained damp

(Symptoms as taken from the Australian College of Environmental Studies)